Free Printable Super Bowl Guessing Game (2024)

This Super Bowl question game makes watching any football game way more fun! Simply print out the game sheets, guess the answers, and see who gets the most things right about the game. No football knowledge or skills needed – just a fun way to get everyone involved and having a good time!

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Super Bowl Guessing Game

One of my most popular Super Bowl posts is these Super Bowl commercial bingo cards. I think people love them so much because you can play without really knowing anything about the game, so they’re fun for all ages and all football interest levels!

This Super Bowl question game is a fun one because like the bingo cards, anyone can play and you really only need to know football basics (but if you don’t, you can ask someone) – not really anything else.

And I’m calling it a Super Bowl guessing game but really it’s just a football game guessing game. If you aren’t having a Super Bowl party, – play during a college game, NFL game, or honestly even a high school football game if that’s your jam.

It’s just picking one of two (or three) choices for each of the questions and anyone can win.

We’ve played during all sorts of different games, and it’s always a lot of fun to see who comes out victorious at the end of the game.

Just like in the actual football game, it started off looking like my brother might win it but in the end my sister-in-law (that same brother’s wife) ended up absolutely crushing everyone else.

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Super Bowl Guessing Game Supplies

One of the best things about this game is that all you just need a few things:

  • Guessing game printouts (get in the pink form toward the bottom of this post)
  • Pens (one per person)
  • Prize for the winner – list of prize ideas lower in this post
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How to Play

Before your party or whenever you’re going to play this game, print out one guessing game per person who will be playing and one more extra one that will become the key. There’s a full-sheet and a half sheet printable option toward the bottom of this post.

As people come in the door or just sometime before the game, have people put their name on a sheet and fill out all the answers. Make sure this is done BEFORE the game starts since a number of the questions are answered early on in the game (coin toss, first play, etc.).

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Collect all the sheets and put them in a pile somewhere for later.

During the game fill in the answers to the questions as they happen on the extra game you printed out. This be the key for grading the guessing games later.

Once the game is over, use the key to go over the answers by doing one of the following:

  • Go through each individual one yourself and compare them to the key to determine how many points people scored (this could take a little while depending on how many people played, but it only took me a few minutes for ten of us)
  • Pass the filled out game sheets back out to everyone randomly and make sure no one has their own. Go through the answers as a group and figure out how many answers everyone got correct.

How to Win

Each question correct is worth one point. The person with the most points correct wins.

If you have a tie, ask them one of these Super Bowl trivia cards with a number (like what year the Super Bowl started) and whoever gets closest wins.

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Super Bowl Guessing Questions Clarifications

There were a few questions in the game that may need a slight clarification, and I’ve included those below. If you have additional questions feel free to leave me comments, and I’ll do my best to answer!

  • #7 – Which team’s quarterback will get sacked first –> this is asking which team’s quarterback will get sacked NOT who will do the sacking.
  • #9 – What will the 1st turnover be –> I’ve included a few examples like interception and fumble but people can guess any type of turnover here including things like a blocked punt (hello yesterday’s game).
  • #11 – Will the first pass be complete or incomplete –> I did not include the option for this to be an interception. If it is an interception, no one gets a point.
  • #16 – Will there be a missed field goal during the game –> This is just a missed field goal, not a missed extra point. Only missed field goals count.
  • #19 – Which team will convert a 4th down first –> If there are no converted 4th down attempts, no one gets a point.
  • #23 – Which quarter will be the highest scoring –> this is asking which quarter will have the most points scored in that quarter, not which quarter will have the highest total score (the 4th quarter of course).
  • #25/#26 – What will the first/last score be –> This is asking what type of score will be the first and last scores of the game be such as a touchdown, field goal, or safety.
  • #28 – Which team will be the first to challenge a call — > No challenge during the game means no points for anyone
  • #29 – What will the rest of the first challenge be –> ruling on the field stands or call is overruled, no challenge means no points for anyone

Guessing Game Prize Ideas

A game isn’t a game without a prize for the winner – especially this fun guessing game! Pick up a gift card for the winner or one of these fun football themed prizes!

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Download the Game

Enter your first name and email address in the form below to get the printable PDF. You will receive a link to download the PDF to your email within minutes.

If you’d rather not provide your email, you can also buy a copy in my shop here.

If you do not see the form, click here to get to it.

If you do not see the email immediately after you fill out the form, make sure to check your promotions, spam, and junk folders!

The file will include:

  • Instructions
  • Full-sheet guessing game
  • Half-sheet guessing game (two to a page)
Free Printable Super Bowl Guessing Game (2024)


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