How To Get Mutagen Mass (2024)

Mutagen Mass is a valuable resource in Warframe, essential for crafting various items and weapons. Acquiring Mutagen Mass can be a challenging task, but with the right strategies and knowledge, players can efficiently gather this resource. In this guide, we will explore the best methods and tips for obtaining Mutagen Mass in Warframe.

Understanding Mutagen Mass

Before delving into the methods of obtaining Mutagen Mass, it's crucial to understand its significance within the game. Mutagen Mass is a rare resource used primarily in the construction of items in the Bio Lab of a Clan Dojo. It is an essential component for crafting various Warframe weapons and equipment, making it highly sought after by players.

Completing In-Game Missions

One of the primary ways to obtain Mutagen Mass is by completing specific in-game missions. Infested Salvage and Orokin Derelict Survival are missions known to yield Mutagen Mass as a reward upon successful completion. Players can focus on these missions to increase their chances of acquiring this valuable resource.

Participating in Invasions

Invasions in Warframe present an opportunity for players to obtain Mutagen Mass. By participating in Infested Invasions, players can earn Mutagen Mass as a reward for supporting the Infested faction. Keeping an eye on ongoing invasions and actively participating can significantly contribute to accumulating Mutagen Mass.

Clan Research and Trading

Another avenue for obtaining Mutagen Mass is through Clan Research and Trading. Players who are part of a Clan can contribute to the research efforts in the Bio Lab to unlock the ability to craft Mutagen Mass. Additionally, players can engage in trading with other players to acquire Mutagen Mass, providing an alternative method for obtaining this resource.

Resource Boosters and Resource Drop Chance Boosters

Utilizing Resource Boosters and Resource Drop Chance Boosters can enhance the chances of obtaining Mutagen Mass. These boosters increase the drop rates of resources, including Mutagen Mass, during gameplay. Players can consider using these boosters strategically to optimize their resource acquisition efforts.

Exploring Derelict Vaults

Exploring Orokin Derelict Vaults presents an opportunity to obtain Mutagen Mass blueprints. By successfully completing Orokin Derelict missions and locating the vaults, players can acquire blueprints that enable them to craft Mutagen Mass, providing a sustainable method for obtaining this resource.

Engaging in Infested Outbreaks

During Infested Outbreaks, players have the chance to earn Mutagen Mass as a reward for participating in missions that contribute to containing or eliminating the Infested threat. Keeping track of in-game events and actively participating in Infested Outbreaks can yield valuable rewards, including Mutagen Mass.


In conclusion, obtaining Mutagen Mass in Warframe involves a combination of strategic gameplay, resource management, and participation in specific in-game activities. By leveraging the methods outlined in this guide, players can enhance their chances of acquiring Mutagen Mass and progress in their crafting endeavors within the game.


1. Can Mutagen Mass be traded between players?

Yes, Mutagen Mass can be traded between players, providing an additional avenue for obtaining this resource.

2. Are there specific Warframe abilities or mods that can increase the drop rates of Mutagen Mass?

While there are no specific Warframe abilities or mods dedicated to increasing the drop rates of Mutagen Mass, utilizing Resource Boosters and Resource Drop Chance Boosters can effectively enhance drop rates.

3. Can Mutagen Mass be obtained from specific enemies in Warframe?

Mutagen Mass is primarily obtained through specific in-game missions, invasions, and exploration activities, rather than directly from defeating enemies.

4. Are there any time-limited events or activities that offer increased chances of obtaining Mutagen Mass?

Warframe periodically features time-limited events and activities that may offer increased chances of obtaining Mutagen Mass as rewards. Keeping track of such events can be beneficial for resource acquisition.

5. Can Mutagen Mass be obtained through the use of Relics or Void Fissures?

Mutagen Mass is not directly obtained through the use of Relics or Void Fissures. Players should focus on specific in-game missions and activities to acquire this resource effectively.

How To Get Mutagen Mass (2024)


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